21 b2b Rules 

This book is short, on purpose

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A uniquely pithy and wry distillation of how to get the most leverage from your B2B efforts. Here are 21 practical rules that each take 10 minutes or less to read.

But don’t read this book cover-to-cover. You’re busy. Really busy. So just pick a topic that’s relevant to you right now and go.

The book was designed for that. Concise language gives you the "Why", "What", and "How" for each topic so you can quickly act on it. It's also interlaced with a little wry wit that's unlike other business books. Look, you don’t want to read another 300-page, stultifyingly staid business book. Do you?

Why This Book?


Most B2B market failures are not the result of poor tactics— they’re the result of poorly applied marketing principles.

The latest marketing tools and approaches won’t improve your B2B marketing unless you first assure that your fundamentals are sound.

This book offers 21 practical rules that detail how to effectively leverage core principles for stronger B2B marketing. Get the fundamentals right, and all your clever tactics start to work much better.

Written for marketers and business leaders, this book gives you a concise way to do so.

So, do so.


What's Inside?

The Rules are organized into three categories: Target, Position, Leverage

The topics in each category all follow the same, refreshingly simple format:

RULE: e.g., "Business books should not include filler content to make them longer"

WHY: For each rule we explain just Why the rule is included. For example, the “why” for this rule would be that everyone is really, really busy- so you’ve got to get right to the point or you’ll lose their interest. That goes for your B2B marketing too.

WHAT: Concise bullet points give a top-line summary of just What is covered in the topic. If you are really attention-challenged, you can just scan this.

HOW: Next, we describe How you can put the rule into practice, outlining clear steps and focus areas.

MORE: When we just can’t say enough about a rule, More information is given to help you apply it, or offers useful tips.

Plus, gauges at the start of each topic indicate the topic’s: Read Time, Priority, and Complexity to Enact.

And, the layout offers generous white space that’s easy on the eyes.


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